Latest Job Vacancies At NADEC – NADEC Jobs

NADEC Jobs : The National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC) is one of the largest agricultural and food-processing share stock companies in the Middle East and North Africa. Established in 1981 by royal decree, it is a joint stock public company – 20% owned by the Government, with the rest publicly traded on the Saudi Stock Exchange. It is one of the very few and largest vertically integrated dairy businesses in the world.

The National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC) was established by Royal Decree in 1981 in order to lessen Saudi Arabia’s dependence on agricultural imports, since then it went through successive rapid development phases placing the now Nadec Group as one of the largest agri-food company in the Middle East/Africa region and the world. Nadec is a joint stock public company with 600 million Saudi Riyal equity capital. The Saudi Arabian government owns 20% of the company’s shares while the rest is publicly traded. The NADEC Group is organized into two separate business units, NADEC Foods for consumer products ad NADEC Agriculture for Agricultural produce.


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