Famous companies in Dubai recruiting now…

Are you searching for jobs in Dubai?. More top companies in Dubai are waiting for your CV. These companies are providing free visa, ticket and accommodation. Technical vacancies like Electrician, plumber, welder are available in each companies.

They are providing good salary from the starting. An employee will get minimum 2500 Dhs per month. This is the minimum salary they providing. You can earn more with your qualification and performance.

Top vacancies in Dubai are Given Below

Catering Service : Apply Now

Accountant Jobs : Apply Now

Health Information Technician : Apply Now

Computer Support Specialist : Apply Now

Cloud Consultant : Apply Now

Security Guard : Apply Now

Civil Engineer : Apply Now

Database Administrator : Apply Now

Accountant  : Apply Now

Cleaner : Apply Now

Office Boy : Apply Now

Electrician : Apply Now

Plumber : Apply Now

Driver : Apply Now

Administrator : Apply Now

Insurance Company Jobs : Apply Now

Medical Assistant : Apply Now

Nurse : Apply Now

Software Engineer : Apply Now

PHP Developer : Apply Now

Dental Assistant : Apply Now

Pharmacy Technician : Apply Now

Business Administration : Apply Now